The Attachment Diaries

Mon 30. 10. | 18:00
Valentin Javier Diment
Valentin Javier Diment
Jimena Anganuzzi, Lola Berthet, Edgardo Castro, Germán de Silva, Marcela Guerty, Marta Haller, Andrea Nussenbaum, Elvira Onetto, Luis Ziembrowski
Drama / Mystery / Thriller
Release Date
102 min

Argentina, the seventies. A desperate young woman turns to a clinic that performs clandestine abortions. Upon discovering that she is in her fourth month of pregnancy, the doctor refuses but proposes to sell the baby to some clients of hers, offering her refuge in her home until the child is born. The disturbed personalities of both become intertwined in a strange and dangerous relationship, which is only broken by a dagger in the hands of one of them. Half suspenseful thriller, dripping with blood, half psychological study of a toxic relationship. Like a movie inspired by a gory adventure novel, it is, nonetheless, a formally refined gem that already encompasses all the qualities of a cult blockbuster.